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Our first Fall/October Activity, MERLE SQUIRREL AND THE SCARECROW can be found at M. C. Arvanitis's blog --  click on above link. 

© 1988 M.C. Arvanitis  This story is free to copy off and use in your classroom but is copyrited to M. C. Arvanitis so it can not be shared elsewhere in print or electrontically.



Our Favorite Book of the month.

Halloween coming up ..  Want a sweet (non scary) book for your students? I am always looking for "read to children" books with wonderful illustrations to share with teachers. Lula’s Brew  by Elizabeth O. Dulemba has both so I have featured it for this year's  October curriculum.  

Hard back 17.99. (durable for years with careful handling)


Or Paperback at $8.32 at Amazon.com. 

Order it at 




The Colorful Ghosts

A Flannel Board Story


M. C. Arvanitis

(See patterns below.) 

(Have six little ghosts, white side up, and mother on flannel board. Place ghosts in order of colors below.)

         There were six little ghosts as white as could be.

         Their mother warned them to eat carefully

         For good ghosts need to have a big appetite

(Add pictures of popcorn and glass of milk on flannel board.)

         For popcorn and milk and foods that are white.

         If they eat any other, they just might be seen

          And that would be bad for a ghost on Halloween.

(Remove Mother Ghost and white foods.)

          While practicing haunting one day, as they should

          They spied in the kitchen some food that looked good.

(Add Cherries to board under first ghost. Turn this ghost over to show red side.)

           Ghost number one ate some cherries, so red

           And turned the same color from his feet to his head.

(Place basket of blueberries under second ghost. Turn this ghost to show blue side.)

         Ghost number two chewed some blueberries sweet,

         And suddenly turned blue from his head to his feet.

(Place lemon on board under third ghost.  Turn this ghost to show yellow side.)

         Ghost number three saw a lemon and took a bite.

         Before he could spit he was yellow, not white. 

(Place green beans on board under fourth ghost. Turn this ghost to show green side.)

         Ghost number four ate a crispy green bean,

        And much to his sorrow, he turned a bright green

(Place carrot on board under fifth ghost. Turn this ghost to show orange side.)

         Ghost number five saw a carrot on the sink.

         One bite turned him orange as quick as a wink.

(Place grapes on board under sixth ghost. Turn this ghost to show purple side.)

         Ghost number six ate some grapes from a bunch

         And soon turned purple form eating his lunch.

         They looked at themselves. They looked at each other.

         “ Oh dear,” they cried, “How can we face Mother?”

(Place mother ghost back on board facing the colored ghosts. Touch each ghost as you say his colors. )

        When Mother saw them she scolded and said,

         “You can’t haunt a house when you’re green or red,

          Or purple, or orange, or yellow, or blue.

          There’ll be no haunting on Halloween for you.”

          “Will we stay this way, Mom?” they cried out in fright.

          “Oh what can we do to turn ourselves white?”

          They had waited so long for their special day.

          Now they’d miss Halloween. What a big price to pay

          For eating the things they knew that they shouldn’t.

           If they could do it again, they certainly wouldn’t.

(Place Dr. Ghost on board with others. Place white food on the board.)

          Mom called in Doctor Ghost, in hopes that he might

          Know of a cure to turn them back again white.

          He said, “Only white food will make color disappear.

          It will take a long time, probably a year.”

          So the sad little ghosts missed Halloween night,

(Take off mother and Dr. Ghost. – Slowly turn each ghost to its white side, calling the color as you turn it. After all are turned finish the rhyme.) 

           Within a few months they turned back into white

           And the next year on Halloween they haunted all night. 



The little ghosts. make two copies of each .. one white and one of a different color. red, green, orange, blue, purple, yellow.
Mother Ghost and Dr. Ghost.
vegies/fruits -- copy and cut out.



What is a day in the classroom without circle singing time? Each month I will include one or two songs for the theme of the month. On this song as you sing have students clap their hands to the numbers. On the last line count number of days left on a calendar with the students. (Concepts learned-- rhythm, and numbers, and sense of time.) Here are all the words to the music below.


by M. C. Arvanitis

Verse 1:

How many crows did the scarecrow scare?
One, two, three, four, five.
How many crows who just didn't care?
One, two, three, four, five.

Verse 2:
How many brooms did the old witch keep?
One, two, three, four, five.
How many rooms did she have to sweep?
One, two, three, four, five.

Verse 3:
How many ghosts have you ever seen?
One, two, three, four, five.
How many days until Halloween?
One, two, three, four, five. (continue here by counting the days off on the calendar)

Music for Halloween Count-down.




Halloween Witch Song

by M. C.  Arvanitis

Sing to tune of 'I'm A Little Teapot'

(Children sing this while they fly their witch on a broom art.) 

I'm a little witch, flying so high.

I can zoom way up in the sky.

I'll fly to the moon on Halloween night.

Or zoom to the ground and give you a fright!  

But don't you worry,  I'm not mean.

I just dress this way on Halloween. 

So fly me high and fly me low.

I'll fly with you wherever you go. 


  © 1988 M.C. Arvanitis  This story is free to copy off and use in your classroom but is copyrited to M. C. Arvanitis so it can not be shared elsewhere in print or electrontically. 



All classrooms should have an art center open during free play time with all the equiptment on a table with plain paper and color pictures available.  Here is a Halloween color page to leave with other color pages.  

And what's more fun than joining in with the little costumed creatures on costume-wearing day. Be sure that each and every one of your little students know that it is all make believe. Have fun .. not fear -- on Halloween.

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