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Dear readers, MAKE MY DAY! Come in and sit a while -- Introduce yourself -- are you a teacher? A parent? a Grandparent? Or a friend dropping in to see what Ms. Marge is doing in her classroom? Remember you are always welcome.

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Written by Ms. Marge on May. 1, 2014
You are welcome, Erin D. My pleasure. Thanks for dropping in.

Written by Erin D., Elementary Teacher on May. 1, 2014
Love the Mother's Day hand/heart card idea! Thanks!

Written by Angela Muse on Dec. 2, 2013
Thanks so much for the interview and the chance to introduce other readers to our Christmas Owl.

Website: www.4eyesbooks.com
Written by Karleene Morrow, Author on Oct. 15, 2013
Very nice, Ms. Marge. I'd like to sit in on your classroom for a day. Bet it would be delightful and make me want to be a kid again. Love your stories and am sure youngsters will love them, too.

Website: http://www.karleenemorrow.com
Written by Ngaire Elder on Oct. 15, 2013
Congratulations, Mrs Marge for setting up this wonderful interactive website for children to enjoy. Looking forward to reading so much more! n x

Written by Lauren Vines on Oct. 15, 2013
Children will listen and learn from common sense loving stories. And what will they learn? HHmmm well maybe they will learn common sense and love. I cherish Ms. Marge's stories for building foundational strength for our children. Thank you Marge!!!

Website: www.RutsToRainbows.com
Written by Crystal Schall on Oct. 14, 2013
I love your children's stories, and I know my grandchild will also.

Written by Dori Murnieks on Oct. 14, 2013
My little grandchildren will just love these stories! Very nice.

Written by Ben Woodard on Oct. 14, 2013
Hi Margaret! Good luck with your site. It looks great.

Website: http://www.BooksByBen.com
Written by Erin Maunu on Oct. 14, 2013
Hi Ms.Marge! I think I will be introducing my grandsons to this website. It's amazing :)

Written by Mariah on Oct. 14, 2013
Hi, Ms. Marge, I like your web and look forward to seeing what you share with us.

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I would like to purchase your books for Artemis my 3 year old Great-Grand Daughter. Amazon is backed up, so may I please purchase directly from you?
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28.06 | 05:04

Real pleasure talking with you. Teachers are so important. Without teachers we not have leaden are the future of our country. Becky was reading fourth grade l

23.06 | 21:26

sue it is a pleasure hearing from you. I have moved back to Fremont to spent time with family. Please call me at 402 753 1695. Miss Marge

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