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Pixies of the Ferns, Fernella's Magic

  • Pixies of the Ferns, Fernella's Magic

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    WHAT'S HIDING UNDER THE FERNS? This tale takes place in the beautiful mountains of Oregon, and tells of the adventure of a young Pixie. Fernella, as the seventh daughter of the Mayor of Fernsville, must find her magic before her father will give his ...

  • Forbidden Wings, A Mermaid’s Story

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    When the evil Sea Lions raids Hildaland where the merpeople live, the mer children are saved by a nanny who hides them in a sunken ship. The Queen's daughter, Princess Nadeea, is shorter than other Mermaids and is bullied by the older mermaids. She w...

  • The Legend of ELPanda Paws.

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    A baby panda is cruelly snatched from its mother, the crime is felt far away in ELVanland where elves create the Love Bears that Santa delivers to sick children. Now this wonderful holiday enterprise is threatened by an epidemic of sadness called Neg...

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05.06 | 20:22

I would like to purchase your books for Artemis my 3 year old Great-Grand Daughter. Amazon is backed up, so may I please purchase directly from you?
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28.08 | 06:30

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28.06 | 05:04

Real pleasure talking with you. Teachers are so important. Without teachers we not have leaden are the future of our country. Becky was reading fourth grade l

23.06 | 21:26

sue it is a pleasure hearing from you. I have moved back to Fremont to spent time with family. Please call me at 402 753 1695. Miss Marge

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