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Chicken in the Oven

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What in the world would make a chicken smile? When Farmer Dill came to the chicken yard to choose the fattest chicken for her Sunday dinner, and when she waved her chicken hook at BFC, short for Big Fat Chicken, he certainly wasn't smiling. What could he do to convince her not to choose him to be her Chicken in the Oven? There's not enough time to slim down, but BFC tries to pull off something unique and amazing to win Farmer Dill's affection.

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You can purchase 'Chicken in the Oven at Amazon.com Link http://www.amazon.com/Chicken-Oven-M-C-Arvanitis/dp/1515392473/

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05.06 | 20:22

I would like to purchase your books for Artemis my 3 year old Great-Grand Daughter. Amazon is backed up, so may I please purchase directly from you?
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